Volkl V sense 6(Archived)

Volkl V sense 6(Archived)

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Volkl V sense 6(Archived) Description

  •  All of the new V-Sense rackets are equipped with:

    •  VSENSOR HANDLE SYSTEM – With Integrated Pendulum Pin
    •  C3 MATERIAL – Tri-Carbon Paper fused with Cellulose fibres and Carbon Black.
    •  PRECISE POWER BEAM – Integration of the Volkl Classic and Box Beam for Accurate Power

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    Specifications for the V-Sense 6 racket:
    • Grip Size: 0-5
    • Head Size: 645cm/100in 
    • Cross Section: 23mm
    • Weight: 275g/9.7oz
    • Length: 68.5cm/27in
    • Balance: 33cm/0.5 in HL
    • Stiffness: 67
    • Swing Weight: 270
    • String Pattern: 16x18 PCP
    • String Tension: 25(±2)kg/55(±5)


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