Karakal F-Pro 130 Elite KS18002

Karakal F-Pro 130 Elite KS18002

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Karakal F-Pro 130 Elite KS18002 Description

The Karakal F Pro 130 Elite squash racket comes in our distinctive Elite colour scheme and is modelled on its lighter counterpart, the Karakal F-125ff.

It comes with the same features but at a slightly higher weight allowing you to get more weight behind your shots. The racket has a Looped Power Throat allowing for longer strings which increases the sweet spot and is strung with our New Hot Zone String which is wrapped around the recessed throat keeping them in position. This style of fan string pattern will have the effect of shifting the sweet spot higher up the head allowing you greater levels of control. This looped string system also helps to reduce vibration and the racket also comes with a built-in vibration dampener in the shaft. This racket has a frame weight of 130gms and is constructed using Fast Fibre Nano Gel Graphite. .

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