Ashaway Superlight 10 Hex Frame

Ashaway Superlight 10 Hex Frame

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Ashaway Superlight 10 Hex Frame Description

HEX Frame Technology provides strength in an ultra slim construction

Hex Frame technology sees the racket head cross section as a hexagon rather than a standard oval or box shape. The hexagon shape allows the Ashaway Atomic 10 Hex racket head to be much slimmer and still maintain the strength needed for tournament tensions, the slim profile and hexagonal shape increase aerodynamics dramatically.



  • Balance: – 282mm (Mid/Head Heavy)

  • Flex: – Med-Stiff

  • Weight: – 89g

  • Frame: Ultra Hi Modulus Graphite & Nano Carbon


Stringing Information

  • Recommended Stringing Tension: Main - 22lbs to 28 lbs / Cross - 22lbs to 28 lbs

  • String: ZyMax 70
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