Ashaway Viper XT700

Ashaway Viper XT700

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Ashaway Viper XT700 Description

Viper Weave technology integrates a Meta-Composite into a Viper Skin Weave with Ultra High Modulus Graphite and Nano Carbon. This produces an X-Treme Tension Frame with low torque and virtually no lateral movement on impact, even with miss hits.
The X-Treme Tension Frame makes the Ashaway Viper rackets capable of taking higher string tensions than the market standard, higher string tensions give greater control and less string movement, this further increases shot accuracy.
The Ashaway Viper XT700 has a stiff shaft for increased power for players with quick arm speed. Also added on the Ashaway Viper XT700 is an 88 hole stringing pattern which gives more stability to the string bed and an integrated Aramid compound into the Viper Skin Weave which adds further strength.
Balance: 285mm (Mid/Towards Head)
Flex: Medium
Weight: 86g
Frame: Ultra Hi Modulus Graphite 
Head Shape: SQ
Suitable For: Attacking play
Stringing Information
Recommended Stringing Tension: Main - 22lbs to 26 lbs, Cross - 22lbs to 26 lbs
String: ZyMax 70
Stringing Pattern: 88 Hole
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